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    Is there a website I can go to that shows the native lands that are closed to huning or trapping on the kenai Pen.

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    Here is the Kenai Peninsula Borough GIS site.

    When you pull up the map you can click "identify" and then click on a parcel of land, then right click and it will show you ownership. Salmatoff Native Association land and Kenai Native Association land are open only if you have a permit. I believe the Cook Inlet Region land is the same but not sure. This is the only really useful map system I have found for this, there are probably others out there that may be better?

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    thank you I will check it out

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    BLM maintains land status records online. They usually convey land by township or section, so there are a bunch of square-shaped parcels of Native land out there. It's just very tough to identify them on the ground. However, most of the Native land that I have driven past is marked rather well with "POSTED" signs. For all the talk about the land belonging to the beavers and the moose and the people, they are pretty quick to point out who owns those particular tracts.
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