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Thread: Snares and wolf question

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    Default Snares and wolf question

    hello all out there in cyberspace,had a few questions....

    Can I make my own snares out of stainless 1/8 inch trolling cable for canines?? just buy the components and crimp them up?? What is the best locking device? What is pre loading?? Will the small 8 inch spool diameter mess with the way the cable wants to "lay"?? What do most AK trappers use for snares on canines?? I heard the thompsons are good??

    Also, if an alpha wolf is caught will the other(s) stay around with the leader or do they leave??

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    hey rosscoak. i dont know much about trapping cause i am just getting into it myself.. but there is a couple older threads on here about making snares that had pictures and explain about pre-loading... look back a couple pages and im sure you will find it.. hope that will help ya

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    hey ross...i was at a trapping association meeting the other day and a nice man gave a pretty good talk about wolf snaring and he answered some of your questions...

    -you can make your own snares....1/8 1 by 19 or 7 by 7 cable is preferred galvanized or stainless....if thats what you have then you should be good
    -as for locks thompson locks and surelocks seem to be the strongest and best for wolves....if you have a lot of moose in your area you may want to "moose proof" your snares but cutting the lock so it breaks from the moose pulling but will not break when a wolf pulls on it
    -pre-loading is bending the last 10 inches or so maybe 12 or 14 for a wolf are bending it with the natural curve of the wired...this makes it close faster
    -8 inch spool diameter shouldn't matter....if you can make a nice loop with about 77 inches of cable then you should be fine
    -many alaskans use lots of different stuff for canines anything from 1/16th cable to 1/8th...they might use just enough cable to make the snare loop or they may use several extra feet to anchor off with...some use 14ga wire some use 9ga wire to support the snares...most try to anchor their snares about shoulder or head height for wolves so they can't chew on the really just gotta research what is out there and ask questions and find out what works for you....
    -as for the alpha being caught...the wolves won't necasarrily stick around and hang out....atleast not very long....they may circle and check it out but will bug out before too can anticipate this and think this snare will catch the dog so i'll set these snares out and around where the wolves might circle before they take off
    -there is a really good book called the alaska wolf trapping manual that you should get if your really serious about hanging wolves
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    and when you get all that figured out....the number one thing to remember when trapping wolves....patience! They are one, if not the toughest animals to target. Good luck and when you do connect be sure to share photos!
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