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Thread: Opportunities on my way to Seward

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    Default Opportunities on my way to Seward

    Hey, looking for a river that would give me my best chance and some rainbows & dollies on my way from ANC to Seward on 8/17. Have a day to kill in between arriving and a salt charter on the 18th.
    I will be on foot and have thought about Swanson River or the Russian. Someone told me the Russian does not open for beads until 8/20. Is that correct?
    Any info would be great, head down for the Anchor & Deep creek to fish the tidal after leaving Seward.

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    The Russian has some nice rainbows. Russian is fly-fishing-only through 8/20, so no beads until 8/21 (unless they're actually attached to the hook - at which point they are a fly). Sockeye fishing will have tapered off by then so salmon fishing pressure should be down giving you more elbow room for trout.

    By that time sockeye should have moved up into the Kenai Lake tributaries, with rainbows and dollies following behind. Quartz Creek (off the Sterling Hwy east of Cooper Landing), Ptarmigan Creek and Trail River (both off the Seward Hwy south of Moose Pass) are other options.

    Also consider dropping the $$ for a full-day or half-day float on the Upper Kenai. It's a beautiful river every angler should experience at least once, and you'll most definitely hook up in late August.

    Take your time and enjoy the drive. Be safe and have fun.
    Pursue happiness with diligence.

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    You might think about renting a kayak from Max in Sterling @ Alaska Canoe and going to the end of Swanon River Rd.I've caught plenty of nice bows and there will probably be a few silvers in the river as well.The Swanson is a real easy paddle up or down river.And I could tell you of a few hot spots but will wait to see if your interestd 1st.


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