I will be in the Soldotna/Cooper's Landing vicinity on July 19 and 20, and I may have nothing to do. I have lined up a few charters for the week prior, but saved those 2 days as "make up" days in case a charter gets cancelled due to weather. In short, I will not know if I am free until the day before.

I am thinking that I could try to hire a last-minute walk-in or float guide to put me and my wife on sockeye. What are my chances of finding a last-minute trip at that busy time of year? I have seen ads for several of the guides, but don't know how I would fare at the last-minute.

What would you do? Suppose you arrived in that area the night before, with no fishing gear, and no experience with the local fish, tackle, or rules. How would you attempt to go after fish on a reasonable budget?

I appreciate any assistance. Thank you.