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Thread: ATVs and Boats - Best Brands/Models for Alaska Hunting

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    Default ATVs and Boats - Best Brands/Models for Alaska Hunting

    Here's a question for anyone who wants to answer:

    If I do decide to get a 4-wheeler, I probably going to go with a Japanese brand... seems to me that you can't really buy a bad Japanese bike. I'm debating between the Yamaha Grizzly 700 4X4 and the Kawasaki Brute Force 750 4X4. It seems that the Yamaha is slightly more expensive and less powerful with less towing/carrying capacity and only about 1.5 inches more of ground clearance, but I've gotten some info from Yamaha customers who are thrilled with their bikes. Also, please include any opinions on how useful a four-wheeler is for hunting in Alaska. Last thing... I'm considering getting an inflatable boat with a small outboard. I'd love some input on good brands/models for these, too. What to y'all think? Thanks.


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    I know several guys that are "Happy" grizzly owners. I don't know much about the kawasaki, but I would buy the grizz if I were in the market.


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