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    I am heading to Cantwell in 2 weeks. I HOPE this is far enough away and I might get a little action. Can anyone give me any information on the area... We are going to do day and night calling... thanks in advance

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    If we don't go there we will head east... Trying to keep it around a 4 hour drive. Are areas out past Glennallen heavily hunted and trapped also.

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    glenn allen is packed...its not even cool...went that way earlier in the year..insane amount of trapping out that way

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    If you go right around Cantwell I think you will have issues with AHTNA land. Maybe a touch further before you enter the park? Last winter I went up that way looking for bunnies and never did find to many around so I don't know what the predator numbers would be.

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    There hasn't been much snow. Is the Denali Highway passable by truck? If so, you can go about 15 miles in from Cantwell and find non-AHTNA land.
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