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Thread: Father/Son Deer Trip advice needed

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    Question Father/Son Deer Trip advice needed

    I am looking to put together deer hunting trip next year with a couple of father son combo's (2 adults & 2 kids).

    The boys will be 12yrs by the time of the hunt. Some of you may know from my hunt reports that I feel my kid is pretty cabable in the woods because he has been in training since he was 2! The other kid I'm not so sure of. He has not spent as much time in the field.

    We are thinking 7-10 days and are looking at all options, Kodiak, Southeast or maybe even PW Sound. Timing would be Oct, Nov or Dec.

    The guy I'm planning this with has done the Kodiak trip a couple times, but has not had good luck with some of the lodging outfits he has used in the past.

    I think Kodiak may be a little extreme for the little guys anyway, so I thought I'd poll the audience and see what else turns up.

    Who and how do you recommend putting this together?

    Were not new hunters, but I have not hunted Kodiak for over 20 years, and I have only hunted Sitka Black tail a few times, so I'm by no means an expert on that subject.

    Maybe ferry a truck with all our gear into a town and then fly out to a forest service cabin, live aboard boat trip or maybe a lodge setting where they drop you on the beach to hunt?

    We'll start with that and see what turns up. I'm not looking for anyones secret spot or anything I'm not willing to work for. Just trying to put together a good adventure with my kid and want to see what my options are.

    Thanks in advance.

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    A friend has gone to Zachar Bay quite a few times during Thanksgiving week. He says they have a good set up for groups of 2 hunters with the cabins, and then they have the meat prep building along with skiffs and drop offs. They have had good luck walking up from the lodge for meat deer and using the skiffs for beach drop offs. The website has a lot of information for Hunting including several years worth of harvest stats.

    They have been tempted to go sea duck hunting as well, but they usually don't since they tend to exceed the float plane weight limit with their gear and deer meat most trips.

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    Took my son to pow this thanksgiving. Good for kids cause you have a vehicle with heat and cabin with heat. I'd recommend it for kids. Pm me if u want specifics.


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    I've got a great hunt for you and your son. PM me for info


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