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    My fiance bought me a pair of the aluminum/ magnesium with wire mesh snowshoes. Anyone have a report good or bad on these. I think they were designed for the armed forces. They come with bindings ready to go.


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    I started with those and they worked pretty good for a couple years until I broke both frames on the same trapline check. They're just a little wider, but they make a nice wide trail. The problem I had was that they really don't have any ice cleats for hills, (which can be VERY INTERESTING) and after a while the bindings that come with them tend to ice up and I was always having to retighten. After the last 2 pairs I've gone thru I will probaly go back to those but take the cleats off the others and attach to them.

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    well since she bought them for you, i suggest you get out and wear a lot of love into them, long before you ever consider upgrading.
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    Read the post I made in Military Snowshoes - This actually is the same that is what you are also talking about.

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    Been there and done that...I suspect I can help. I have twenty different pairs of shoes, and have experience with virtually all of them. I list the pros and cons, also what to expect...and none of it is from just reading about is from fifty years of hands on experience...using the and making/repairing them.


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