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    I scored an old LCI (pre GLoomis) that was made late 70's to early 80's which was made for steelhead. It is 11-6 and rated 4#line. I was thinking about bringing it on my next trout trip. I know 4# may be a little light and was thinking about maybe 6-10 braid with a long leader for drifting beads and was wondering what the consensus is. Good for beads or stick to the fly rod??

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    It would work ok for smaller streams and smaller fish but on larger rivers or larger fish (like the Kenai) you will get your handed to you and you will just end up killing fish due to overly long fight times. IMHO nothing less than 6# leaders or better yet 8# should be used. I generally use 8# flourocarbon for leader material and use 12# mono or 15# braid for main line.


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