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Thread: BOG Draft Recommendations for Proposals 07

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    Exclamation BOG Draft Recommendations for Proposals 07

    Here is the link to the draft proposals by the BOG.

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    huh no reccomendation for my proposal, what does that mean? Looks like its going down because Chugach State Park doesn't like firearms, lame.
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    wow all those sheep proposals didn't fair to hot...we'll see what the BOG thinks next i guess
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    Default no recommendation

    Coming from the Department, this usually means the proposal would just shift the harvest of game to another user group - and technically this would be an allocation issue. This is actually a good thing. I assume your proposal is 179, about small game hunting in the state park. If the Dept. thought this was a really bad idea, they would have made the rationale statement more negative - such as stressing the safety issue more, or stressing that the population can't handle any additional harvest.

    Usually if F&G knows the land manager opposes a proposal, in this case the state park official, they usually stress that in the rationale. This one sounds pretty benign. If I was you I would make a point to go testify in person at the board meeting on this proposal - and take the negative points that F&G put in their rationale (such as all the birds being next to the Crow Pass Trail), and turn them around for the Board. Maybe suggest no shooting withing 100 yards of the Crow Pass Trail just to make sure the hikers stay safe. It's up to you to support your own proposal at this stage.

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    Default Interesting stuff

    Thanks for posting that link, Dave!

    ADFG was pretty much in line with comments Alaska Backcountry Hunters and Anglers sent in on some of the proposals. Interestingly, we had opposed Proposal 70 concerning implementation of a bear predation control program in Unit 16, a proposal submitted by ADFG at the request of the Board. ADFG says "under consideration" for their recommendations on Proposal 70. I found that a bit amusing.

    We also supported the proposals to reinstate the closure of brown bear hunts in the Kamishak Special Use Areas near McNeil, and I see ADFG also supports leaving the area closed to the limited amount of brown bear hunting that would take place there. That will be a lively topic at the meeting and get lots of press, and I expect many will be there just to testify on that issue and it will bog things down considerably.


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