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Thread: Koffler boats

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    Default Koffler boats

    I live in Southeast Alaska and am looking for a new aluminum boat. I am looking for something that is about 20 t0 24 foot. I want a boat to run around the inside waters, fast enough to get somewhere, fish and get back in the same day, and small enough to trailer every day. I am seeing some Koffler boats on craigslist. I do not see too many of them in the harbors or out on the water. How do they rate, compared to say a Hewes craft or a North River? What are thier strong points or short comings? Does anyone have any knowledge of them?

    Thanks for all the help and advice.
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    Have you looked at a Pacific23 there are a few configurations you can get them in , Hard top , Center console, Pilot House. Take a look here,
    Yes I'm a little prejudice as I run the V2325 CC with a full windshield and T-top powered with a Honda BF225.

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    I simply love my 19' Pacific w/150 Yamaha 4 Stroke. They ain't cheap, but they sure get the job done in SE AK. Mine sees a ridiculous amount of use as I use it to hand troll during with winters/summers, hunt with it in the fall, and recreational fish with it in May/June. It's a fish catching machine.

    I went with the T Top, to give me maximum deck space. When Hand Trolling, I have two half totes up front.

    If I could do it all over again, I'd consider a 23' Pacific and a 250 Verado. You can trailer it daily. But, I LOVE the fuel efficiency of the 19' Pacific.

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    From what little I know about Koffler's their good boats. They are pretty unusual so I've never actually riden in one. The one I saw at the show last year and one other looked well built. Folks I've talked to are pretty happy with them and I've never heard any complaints. From an initial look I'd say their on par with what North River used to be and maybe a step above Hewes. I own a Hewes Pacifc Cruise and like it so take it for what its worth.

    I couldn't find a Koffler on Craigslist. Do you have a link to the boat you're talking about?

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    My steel fab shop in Oregon is about 3 miles from The Koffler shop, I have helped ferry a few to Alaska for Bruce and Joe. I have spent many hours on the Koffler boats at Pybus Point Lodge on Admiralty Island and with Captain Rod VanSaun on the Cook Inlet, Bruce makes a great mid sized boat, They will work with you to get what you want in your boat. Give them a call and talk to Joe or Bruce. I designed and build my own boat, but I used a lot of the Koffler ideas.

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    I wish I'd never sold my Koffler BayBee. What a boat that was! Makes my Bayrunner seem like a toy.

    Koffler flat out makes really good boats.

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    Default koffler boats

    We have a 25 foot Koffler Crusader with a hard top and twin 115 Yamahas. We really love our boat and how it performs. We also previously had a 20 foot Baybee that we had for 5 years before moving to a bigger boat. Would highly recommend the purchase of a Koffler boat.

    We do know of someone selling a 26 foot brand new Koffler Explorer. If interested, let me know.

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    I looked forever for a good used Koffler bought a used 20' Koffler Bay Bee with twin Honda 45,s . Very impressive boat.
    Spent 12 years running around in my buddies identical boat. For a boat that drafts so little water they handle big
    water well. There are nicer riding boats but tough to find a better all around boat. IMHO


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