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Thread: Catching up . .

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    Default Catching up . .

    So what are these little green boxes by one's name? I gather they're some sort of point system one gets from other members? How does one go about making use of them?

    Thanks . . .

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    Marcus, those are reputation points...the sum of what you have when someone clicks the little star in the lower left corner of your posts (you can also read any add'l feedback they left when they rep'ed you (if they did) in your "settings"). I think that if you have more rep yourself you give more rep points when you hit the star. I know Brian doles out 10 or more points at a time if he hits you up. Maybe that's because he's a mod or just simpy due to the fact that he's an all-around stud of a guy.

    I saw a much more detailed description somewhere but couldn't easily find it. That's all I know.


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