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Thread: Wolf hunt????????

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    Default Wolf hunt????????

    Hello,from Texas and always wanted a wolf,just checking to see if anyone can point me in right direction,also if anyone has a good lynx hunt,I've killed bobcats,mountain lion,badger -just dont have a lynx.I went to Glennallen where a friend lives to hunt last spring for black bear but had no luck.Thanks alot for any help.

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    A fly out float hunt on any one of the major arctic rivers of the brooks range should net you a good chance at a wolf. Lynx can be found in more abundance during high hare cycles, invest in a foxpro spitfire and some extreme patience and you can find them anywhere in AK pretty much, probably more so in the interior. I have seen a bunch driving at night between Glenn Allen and Paxon and on the Denali Hwy so anywhere in there would be a start. I don't really know how the badger fits into your list of cats but if you are counting it then you will need a wolverine to round out your list. For that both areas I mentioned above would offer you an ok chance but having power-ball type luck would get you further on that front! have fun!

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    Go anywhere in the Interior to call for lynx.

    For a wolf hunt I'd suggest finding some caribou and look for wolves following behind. Unit 13 near Paxson is as good a place as any short of the Brooks. I've seen quite a few wolves and tracks shadowing the herds there.

    Check out the book - "Hunting the Hunters", lots of good info.

    If your Glenallen buddy can lay hands on a snowmachine it will make you more mobile.
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