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Thread: 2011 Kodiak Hunt questions

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    Question 2011 Kodiak Hunt questions

    I have never been to Kodiak, but want to change that this next fall for a 1-2 week long deer hunt. I have looked into (and know many folks who have done it) the week long hunts on a 60-80 foot boats around 3K, so my questions are away from this area. I am curious what folks think about going over on the ferry with an ATV? How about taking a 28 foot boat over on the ferry? Granted a boat will get you a lot farther than an ATV, but weather for a fall hunt could keep you out of the water all together. What about hopping to one of the many lodges (something I have not looked into at all)? Anyway, I am looking into different insights/experiences that could make an enjoyable hunt with either a bow or rifle Any site referrals are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Economys of scale work best on diy hunts on Kodiak. If you have 4 or more going it's more economical to use a cabin or ferry stuff down. If it's 2 you might be cheaper and have more fun with a lodge and a transporter. I've done both and had a great time ferrying down then flying out to a public use cabin. Also used Raspberry island remote camps both were great.
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