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Thread: 99 700 RMK Problems

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    Default 99 700 RMK Problems

    Just purchased a 1999 RMK 700 Indy. It starts fine when cold with 2 primer pumps. It will run for about 15-20 minutes on the trail. Then, it just dies. Feels like it loses spark. At that point, it is flooded. After about 20 minutes and clean plugs, it will fire agian. It then repeats the shutdown. Anybody know what is going on with it?
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    A little more info. The machine has been in storage for about 2 months. Replaced fuel, checked wiring - ok, new plugs, etc. The temp light is not on when engine shuts down. It happen 3 times in one day while going about 45 -55 on the Valdez Glacier streambed, lots of powder, no real threat of overheating.

    After about 15-20 minutes, while traveling anywhere from 10 to 50 mph, the motor doesn't sputter, no bog, just shuts down. I have checked the aux kill switch, throttle kill mechanism, and the tether kill switch (custom install apparently) all working fine. I did find a fusible link that was corroded, but replaced it with no avail.

    I did notice that immediately after the hard shut down, there is no spark present. Using the spark plug against the block, I can't see a visible spark. Could this be a coil overheating or are faulty temp sensor shutting down the elecrical system?

    When the machine sits for awhile (20-30 minutes), it will start right up. Run like a bat out of hell (possibly too much machine for me), but when it really warms up it just shuts off. When the machine stops, the plugs are wet with fuel/oil indicating a lack of spark.

    I pull the plugs, leave the cylinders open, and replace them with one of the four new sets I carry, and let it set for about 20 minutes. A tiny shot of starting fluid fires it right up and I beat feet for home.

    The only thing I noticed was that there are two fuel lines just above the airbox that are full of air bubbles. Don't really know if they are breather lines or feed lines. They don't seem to be connected to the fuel filter at all. Could this be indicative of a clogged fuel filter or bad fuel pump?

    Our local Polaris shop is shut down. Any help would be appreciated and possibly be compensated. Any takers??

    On second thought, anyone want to trade for a touring machine?
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    Default CDI

    If there is no spark I would guess it's the ignition or coils. Try getting a some used stuff off of ebay and test it. Or if one of your buddies has the same machine borrow his to test it out. I know on my ski doo it was my cdi.

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    I second the vote for the CDI. Sounds like it opens up when it gets hot. Try one off a buddy's sled as suggested and see if it clears up. Not a hard fix, and I've seen them go bad too.

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