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Thread: bushrat where are you?

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    Default bushrat where are you?

    Mr Bushrat

    Its been a while since you have posted any pictures of your trap line. Do you have any more pictures you would be able to share? I am a new trapper and haven't had much luck this year yet. I always enjoy your pictures and envy your way of life.


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    Marks lives remote, and occasionally has a genset issue that prevents him from posting.. he uses a satellite link.. or just could be he's out... but rest assured he'll be along when things are fine again... we have had some real cold the last few weeks here in the interior... mark is normally about 10-15 colder then us...
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    Default Haven't had much time to post lately


    Haven't had much time to read or post lately, one of our kids is back over Christmas break with a friend and not online as much. Plus, have been busy clearing traplines, finally finished clearing a couple lines yesterday, caught a few more marten, and daughter is going to help me break out new trail into the hills to set more line.

    Also was busy with some fur projects, hat and mitt orders I had to get out when daughter flew in. I'll post some pics of that too when I get a chance. Going to be making some more hats too in the next couple of weeks.



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