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    I have two 2005 Artic Cat 500 automatic's with very low miles, about 400 on each. I have several questions for anyone able to help me out.

    1. What it the best oil to run in these? I went to get the oil change kit at the dealer and it was over $55 for 1 gallon of oil and a little filter! I decided to buy just the filters and they were $15 apiece, too expensive for a tiny filter IMHO! What synthetic oil other than Artic Cat brand which costs over 10 bucks a quart will work as well.

    2. Where is the best place to buy a plow set up? I have Warn winches on both. Again, the Cat dealer would have to order one for my rig and it would be about $550 total and that was for a plastic plow! I would rather have steel and would like to pick one up tomorrow in Anchorage or Valley area.

    3. Where is the best place to find good quality replacement batteries? Have heard of battery drain while running plow/whinch.

    4. One of my wheelers is constantly dripping/pouring gas from the tube that runs out the back of the carb, running crappy. Have tried to run some Seafoam through it with no avail? I guess they have been sitting a little too long without being run. Any suggestions? I was thinking a stuck float??

    Thank's for any Info.

    Kevin in E.R.

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    Hello Kevin, I'm in Eagle River to, drop me a PM, I have used Amsoil in all my toys & my Brute Force since new. I have 0w40 designed for our uses year round. I have found great deals on Craigslist for the plows, I have a 60inch on the BF. I got it for $200 it was like new. As the battery drain I haven't had any issues, you want to do all your winch/plow operations with the engine running though. it's a huge amp draw to begin with. Your carb issue sounds like the needle valve sticking open. Sitting around is the worse thing for anything! I'm a strong believer in Stabil every time you are going to have extended storage over 30 day in my opinion. Hope that helps.

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    Yeah, a little maintenance before you put them away can go a long ways. I agree with using synthetic oil. Also clean them up and dry them off before you store them that always helps. I have the same fourwheelers but it took me five years before I needed a battery. I found one at batteries plus. Don't dismiss the plastic plows. I've had one for six years of heavy use. I like that it flexes doesn't bend, it's lighter and snow doesn't stick to it. Matter of fact the only thing bent on it is the steel. Absolutely use stabil in the fuel. Sounds like you have a jet off it's seat. Take it apart clean it up and you should be good to go. Or try the old tap on the bowl trick. Basic maintenance help can be found in the manual under your seat. Good luck.
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