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Thread: The 300 WBY Mag in Ruger #1 or 300 Win Mag in Ruger Mk II for elk hunbt?

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    Default The 300 WBY Mag in Ruger #1 or 300 Win Mag in Ruger Mk II for elk hunbt?

    Which one to use? That is the question. I love both these rifles and their set ups and I have never failed to kill the game I was shooting at with either rifle. The 300 WBY Mag is a Ruger #1 and prints 1/2 groups all day long with my load 165gr Accubond. It is set up with a Leupold III Boone and Crocket 3.5-10x40mm and I have made with my guide present a 618 yard shot in Arizona (the Boone and Crocket scope and its range marks are for real, they work). I have also made a 426yd shot with my 300 Win mag and it will also group in the 1/2 inch group size with a 165gr Accubond in a Ruger MK II fitted with a Ziess Conquest 3-9x40mm. I need to settle on one or the other (I will also be hunting black bear during this hunt). How about some opinions for this hunter who loves both of these rifles and cal. (these are my favorite calibers). beartracker

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    don't mean to sound rude, but does it really matter? flip a coin.
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    Default Flip a coin...

    Shouldn't make much difference using either one of those bean-field rifles.
    Now,...If you want some excitement, and a sense of real accomplishment, have that guide help you call one in till he's close enough that you can smell the urine in the mud from his wallow hangin' in his hair, and slip a round into his boiler room at spit ball range.

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    take the stainless one

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    Default take the bolt gun...

    Take the bolt gun for a quick follow up shot, if necessary-- and it might be necessary.

    Elk can be, and are, very durable. Angle, range, and conditions are never known until it's trigger time... Shots can be tough to pull off in the heat of the moment A quick follow up shot could be likely and/or mandatory for the situation at hand......

    I hate to admit this, but I barely grazed an elk once, and was not quick enough to get another shot in. Five days of very hard hunting, and three drops of blood, and that was all the chance I got....

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    A person that has practiced, practiced and practiced some more with a Ruger #1 can reload them very quickly.

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    If you don't have a favorite between the 2 just flip a coin, if you can reload the #1 quickly it should not matter as both are great rounds.


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    Smile good advice

    This has all been good advice. I have more energy and can cover more distance flatter with the 300 WBY Mag which has a 26" barrel but is the same length as most bolt actions with a 22" barrel yet it will weigh more. The 300 Win mag is a stainless where the 300 Wby is the standard Ruger #1 and the 300 win is a little lighter. I believe as I have practice I can load and more than likely make a follow up shot on an elk in most cases but my concern is if I am in a canyon with a bear and we are with in 75 yds or so. The reason I bring this up is that this last year I shot one which was 90 yd from me when I fired and the bear did not know I was there. When I hit the bear (which later when cleaning the bear we discovered that my round had taken the heart and lungs out the other side) the bear still turned to the sound of the shot and cam 30 yds toward me before hitting the ground. I am leaning towards the control feed bolt action 300 Win mag MKII, but I sure do love to shoot that Ruger #1 in 300WBY. Both very balanced rifles. What is so wierd is that I like my to Rugers better than the three custom rifles I have (the customs with Lilja barrels shoot 1/8 to a 1/4 tighter groups - chambered in 30/06, 30/06 Ackley Imp, 7mm/08 all Sako TRG receivers).

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    Well I flipped a coin and it came out 300 Win Mag MkII. I was leaning in that direction. Thanks for the opinions. beartooth

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    my main reason was since a bear hunt is included in the elk hunt that I would take a control feed bolt action rifle, my MK II 300 win mag.


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