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Thread: Alaskan Woman Bowhunter in the news...

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    Default Alaskan Woman Bowhunter in the news...

    Nice story in ADN today about an Alaskan woman and her bowhunting history. Although the story does also center on a contest - - she's definitely appreciated much of what sets bowhunting apart, factors that Bob Robb (in The Field & Stream Bowhunting Handbook) described as constituting the ultimate challenge. Contest aside, it's good to see a story about what seems a decent person, an Alaska resident, who's developed a passion for hunting and has the commitment, dedication and appreciation for the challenges involved in the particular sport of bowhunting. That part seems good for hunting, good for Alaska.

    Story link:

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    Is her Dads name Jack?

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    That's a pretty cool article, "What a Woman."

    I like this quote,

    "When you spend that much time in the field trying to be quiet, you find little successes all over the place," said Frost, "You see things going on in nature you might not otherwise notice. I've had chipmunks crawling up on my foot while I'm sitting in a blind. I always try to see how long a moment like that sustains itself."

    Thanks for the link, Hunters like "that Girl," put a good name on Hunting for all of us
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