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Thread: Anyone ever loaded 30-30 150 grain RN in a 30-06 ?

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    Default Anyone ever loaded 30-30 150 grain RN in a 30-06 ?

    I'm looking for someone that's loaded the "30-30" bullet in the 30-06. I believe it is called a 30-30 bullet because it is common to the 336 Marlin where the rounds are stacked in the tubular magazine. Pointed bullets could be a problem as the bullet could strike the primer of the forward round during recoil.
    I have an older Remington 760 that I love to carry sometimes but it dosen't feed pointed bullets reliably so I want to try Hornady's #3035 in my pump '06. Has anyone out there ever tried that

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    I've loaded them in the 06 lots. It all started when a buddy of mine bought a Ruger Ultralight and factory 180's were slapping the snot out of him. He wasn't used to much recoil in the first place, and he couldn't hit a barn from the inside with full factory loads. I load them down to 30-30 velocities using 3031, and he's used them on everything from deer to moose. He still doesn't like factory loads, so every couple of years he shows up with a couple hundred rounds of brass, like #'s of bullet and primers and a can of powder. If you're going for full 06 velocities, I'd be looking at a fairly stout bullet flat point or RN rather than one intended for 30-30 velocities, however.

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    I loaded them in an '06 I let my son shoot years ago in a kids only deer hunt. Lyman has some good reduced loads in their older manuals.
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    I bought that same model of bullet for my 308 kinda by accident looking for a short range deer round on the cheap. After i found out that they were "30-30 bullets" i contacted Hornady via email. Hornady said that particular bullet was designed to withstand 2,500fps at the muzzle. I made up a batch but i have not fired them yet. If you are planning on using them on game i guess you should not push them too hard.
    I'd like to know how your loads turn out, please post the results.
    best of luck,

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    I finally called Hornady about this too, they told me that the bullet is indeed designed for the 30-30 and it has a thinner jacket. He said that I shouldn't push it past 2500 or it would fragment more and there's no way it's a brush load. .Makes good since to me, I'll just load it down and things should be fine. He even gave me starting load for H4350 that puts it around 2400 fps. I'm gonna load a few and see how they do. Thanks for all the replies. .Happy New Year !

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    Quote Originally Posted by stormvet View Post
    He even gave me starting load for H4350 that puts it around 2400 fps. I'm gonna load a few and see how they do. Thanks for all the replies.
    Careful now.... Those things are addictive as can be!!!! I bet you have a ball with them.

    Another good one for pure fun is a 125 grain bullet at around 2700. It's a dandy deer load, too, but you'll use it mostly just for whacking stuff for the heck of it.

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    The Hodgdon website has a good section on loading down popular calibers. H4895 has been ideal for me in the 30-06 and 270.

    P.S. Most poor feeding 760/7600 can be fixed by a good magazine. The older steel ones were the best, but once they get worn they can need some tweaking.

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    If you ever need a sturdier bullet for hunting bigger stuff, you might consider Nosler's 170 partition for the 30-30. I've never tried it but purely based on the design it would almost have to work as advertised. Might be a good medium weigh bullet for hunting larger game with your rifle.
    I had no idea that practically every major manufacturer has apparently discontinued their 30cal rn bullets meant for the 06. I did a search on Midway the other night when I first saw your post and couldn't believe my eyes, zero offerings between 150-180gr for 30 cal other than the ones labeled 30-30. Hornady still makes their 220rn if you want to go heavy and I believe Remington's Corlokt is available in the same weigh. But other than that I couldn't find any major manufacturer making a RN. Shame too, the more I hunt with old style ammunition, IE slow, heavy, and normally RN the more I like them.

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    I personally would put those bullets in the buy/swap forum and buy Barnes X bullets or something similar for your 06. JMO
    30-06 is a kick butt rifle with 160 t0 180 grain boatails and a good load recipe for your model rifle. JMO of course. My 742 Rem hates round nose bullets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Kid View Post
    Shame too, the more I hunt with old style ammunition, IE slow, heavy, and normally RN the more I like them.
    That's been my experience, too. Snap up any Hornady 7mm 154 and 175 grain RNs you find, just in case you someday need them. They're remarkable performers in the 7x57, one of my favorite "oldies."

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    i have had excellent results using 150 round nose ( 30-30 ) bullets in my .308 for deer. penetration was fine and the kills were spectacular, with no unusual amount of wasted meat. using standard .308 velocities would reduce bullet speed approx 100fps less than your '06.
    happy trails.

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    Another goodun to watch for in 30 cal is the Speer 180 grain RN. I can't recall if it's a Hot Core, but at the velocities I use it, I don't think that really matters. Loaded to 2150-2200 fps in a 30-40 Krag, I've never recovered one from game, yet got terrific expansion judging by speed of kill and size of exit hole. Load it to the same velocity from a 308 (down from 2600 fps) or an 06 (down from 2700 fps or so), and you'll dramatically cut recoil while having great performance on flesh. No, that's not a 400 yard kill-all load. But inside 200 yards it's a stone killer that's a whole lot of fun to shoot in the off season.

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    If your 760 won,t feed probably the mag, have you tried a different magazine? My older 760 in 06 feeds any style bullet in several mags.


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