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Thread: Silvers in SE? Any predictions

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    Default Silvers in SE? Any predictions

    Im planning a trip to Petersburg this August for silvers. We came up last year and were told the silver run was slow and late. We did OK, and Im wondering if anyone has heard/read any predications for this year? Just curious as to whether it will be about the same as last year, better, or worse?

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    the later the better
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    SE locals I've talked to tend to think the fish will peak in sept, just like the last few years, but I don't think its based on any science, and probably varies between river systems.

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    Thanks, when in Sept. is the predicted peak? We went the last week in Aug. last year, and got into some fish. Just wondering if a little later would be better?

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    Sorry, can't give you any time prediction for Petersburg as I've never fished there, I can tell you its not the same everywhere in S.E., I've fished Ketchikan and Craig since 1990, K-town peaks in early to mid Sept. if you come to Craig at that time you'll probably be disappointed as the peak is in August and not much going on in Sept.
    1 prediction I feel comfortable making is, silver fishing WILL be better this year then last, last summer was the worst silver fishing I've seen in 17 years.

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    P-burg has a later run than on the outside coast. I'd arrange to be in the area the second week of September. You'll get into some nice-sized fish (12# & up) at either end of the Narrows. You can catch silver down there from early August on, but the bigger fish show up later and have a lot firmer flesh. They are a lot of fun on ultra-light setups. Have fun!

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    heck: I've heard of real good fishing anytime from late august through the whole month of september (and it depends on the exact stream where you are going some times). Last year was not typical. I know there's a big minus tide in last few days of august in 2007, so that may push some fish in. But there's other things like ocean temperature and attraction flow (rain in the streams) and other weather factors that are impossible to predict.

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    i pridict it will be better than last year becouse it cant get any worse.

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    Default Thanks!!

    Thanks a bunch.. A lot of good info. Im sort of torn. We got into decent fishing the 3rd week in August last year, and thats when we have booked the FS cabin for this year. Maybe later in Sept. will be better. We caught fish in the 10-11lb range and all very bright and very good quality. Would be nice to get into slightly bigger fish, but the ones we got into were great. I appreciate the info.


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