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Thread: Walking gear for walking around the city for basic runs to the store and malls area .

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    Default Walking gear for walking around the city for basic runs to the store and malls area .

    my walking gear list to and from the apt to the bus stop for work or to the mall or store at night in Juneau

    so iam going to get used to not haveing a vehicle for a while and need to get used to walking everywhere i need to go when iam in town there and great way to keep in shape as i getting older now ..

    so here is my basic list of the items i have picked up from use in my walking program to keep from getting hit at night or in the rain .. ..

    a Flourescent lime -yellow with sew on strips of the 4.inchs wide reflective tape on the vest to wear over the jacket ..the vest is x-6x sized so it really baggy and i can let hang down below the pack to let people see me from behind and front without a problem

    a TIMBUK.2 XXL model semi custom daypack that been reworked for carrying loads with a waistbelt to help with the load wieght and a couple of extra bright yellow safety reflective straps on the back to see the backpack at night or in the rain .

    also plan to stash my dress shoes inside the daypack for carrying them to work on a monday and bring them home on a friday night to polish them and bring them back on a monday dureing the winter time months to keep the wear and tear on them down to a basic level along with other items need inside the vest dureing work and carrying them home when they are not need

    plus my cold weather jacket to wear with gloves and hat to wear when iam walking back and forth to the store or the bus stops in the mornings and the evening to be safe much as i can with the drivers who are out at that time of the day ..

    we had gotten up early sunday morning to just take a walk and enjoy the time togerther before i had to get on a flight and come back and we where heading down the street to a local place to get a coffee and a donut and where crossing the street when a car just came out nowhere saight throught the stop sign without even stopping at the stop sign ..

    i had my blaze orange jacket on with blaze orange watch cap and the guy never even slowed down that day

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    Sounds like a great plan henry2,
    I know I always appreciate folks doing the High Visibility clothing on the roads, especially in winter.
    We really get some "Poor visibility" when it is raining hard in winter, with headlights and other street lights reflecting through the water on the windshield, etc.
    I'm sure you can relate in Juneau,

    One addition maybe, do you have ice cleats or something similar that are easy to take on/off for the Extreme Ice between snow storms? I'd imagine you guys have that over there as we do, those might be part of the plan, save some crashes on your tailbone and elbows....

    I watched a kid going to school one morning, do a major fall and end up quite a ways out in the road right in front of me once, could have been close to my bumper if I hadn't anticipated the possibility.... Whew

    Have Fun, I bet you're gonna be feeling good this spring. I love walking in the rain at night.

    Awwww breathe it all in...
    Ten Hours in that little raft off the AK peninsula, blowin' NW 60, in November.... "the Power of Life and Death is in the Tongue," and Yes, God is Good !

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    I had no idea some still shined their shoes. Sounds like you have it all figured out.
    "96% of all Internet Quotes are suspect and the remaining 4% are fiction."
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    we where walking home that morning and we where talking about the move down to Juneau and she goes i do hope you like the rain and i told her i have a bright yellow rain suit to wear if it gets that bad and she starts to laugh about the comment i made that morning ..

    she goes really why iam not takeing the truck down there and i showned her the ticket that started the me not beening allowed to drive any more at night becuase of night blindness

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akres View Post
    I had no idea some still shined their shoes. Sounds like you have it all figured out.
    yes i still shine my shoes and press my pants and iron my shirts for work so i can look my best for work ..


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