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    I am working up a sumer hiking load for my GF's S&W model 637 .38+P.
    Any load data out there for .38+P with some 158gr plated flat point bullets and unique powder.
    I'd like it to be around 900fps out of a 3" barrel.
    Anything out there? My speer manual doesn't show much for plated bullets in .38 because they are a DNR(do not reduce) load.
    This will be my first load, so any help for a newbie would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Check out; there's a lot of loads on there to help get you going, Good luck be safe and enjoy your new hobby.

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    If I were trying for the most velocity with the least amount of pressure, unique would not be my powder of choice. Of the powders I have tried, I get better results using Universal Clays. The Hodgdon pamphlet lists several +P loads for 38spl and I think the data is available online. I would think you could reach 900fps with the 158gr in a 3" without pushing things too far.

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    Thanks guys. I'm gonna start around 5grs of unique.

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    5grs Unique is close to max. 5gr Unique and 158gr is a pretty standard "low level" +p load.


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