I bought my son a Henry mini-bolt 22 when he was 3. That was just over 9 years ago. After he got bigger i bought him one of thier leverguns. The mini-bolt became a truck gun/pack gun/canoe gun. It usualy rides behind my truck seat and has logged countless trail miles on my pack frame. I used it to teach my daughter and my new wife to shoot. The wife loves it as she is only 4'10" it's the only rifle i can find that fits. She is a small game nut thanks to that rifle. Any who, i jacked up the front site and couldn't find a replacement. I e-mailed the company and the Comp. president replied. He requested a mailing address and wished me a marry Christmas (not happy holidays). All told i recieved a new site in less than a week from first e-mail for free. They also sent some promosional stuff like hats and shirts. Now that's how an American company should work.