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Thread: Why do new puppies...

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    Default Why do new puppies...

    make grown men babble and coo like idiots?!

    It's been nearly 16 years since I had a pup and I had almost forgotten how willingly we engage in the most unmanly of behavior when a wriggly, squiggly, milk-breathy ball o' energy is put in our arms.

    Housebreaking is progressing well, and so is work on her name and Come.
    She did not protest the collar, doesn't fight the leash, and walks at heel instinctively. For now I'm focusing on bonding--we nap and road trip together--and I let her play with our previous dog's old toys since they're dog scented.

    And, she love the snow. When I put her out to pee she porpoises through the head-high (to her) snow and pushes along with her head completely in the snow--something down there smells interesting apparently.

    I haven't introduced her to bumpers or dummies yet. I her want to differentiate between the dummies and her toys--dummies are for work, toys for play. Once we get the basic commands down--Come, Sit, Stay, Heel--We'll progress to fetch training.

    She's an absolute joy and I haven't felt this good in a long while.
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    Hahaha...I had a rough holiday, and your post just made me feel a little better. Thank you for that.

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    Yeah EriK, I get it. Well put, and a great mental image. I love to play fetch with them early. I can't hardly wait to make a toss and watch their uncoordinated run to the toy. It is simply amazing how a pup helps waking up in the morning be less painful. You should feel good.
    Get some photos to share, will you? Happy New Year,

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    Erik - That is a puppy's number 1 job! One thing I have to agree with AK River Rat about is to get the pup retrieving. The sooner you get her fired up about running out & back, the better. But it's all fun at this stage, so don't worry about steadying her & only a few retrieves per session. If she's not interested though, don't keep at it -- try another time.

    Good luck & what a cutie!


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    I just want to know why puppy paws smell like frito corn chips. What, don't tell me I'm the only one who's noticed this.
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