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Thread: new bowhunter to alaska

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    Default new bowhunter to alaska

    I am looking for a alaska bowhunting mentor or another who is also new to the area. My goal is to shot evey big animal alaska has with my bow. Does anyone need a hunting partner. I need someone to put in with me for the sheep hunt I already have my bow cert

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    I've had the same goal now for 20 years. I'm only at caribou and black bear. I've passed on a ton of moose...lots of 30 to 40 inch moose, passed on a brown bear that was rubbed all to hell (at 10 yards too). Alaska bowhunting is harder than it looks. Sheep can be had without drawing a tag. In fact, some of the best sheep hunting is in non-draw areas. Of all the animals available, I think that Dall sheep will be the most difficult hunt, but muskox is going to be no picnic. Getting drawn for a bison may take the rest of my life.
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