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Thread: RV licensing/insurance?

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    Default RV licensing/insurance?

    Furthering my quest for knowledge & information on RV ownership; I'm curious as to the insurance rates on a unit I'm considering buying; a 1978 Chevy motorhome; I think it's a class "C", about 22-24' in length?

    Anyone have an idea on this? I'm thinking just the "regular" driver's license is fine for driving these rigs? Also wondering if the registration costs are a lot just due to the size of the vehicle?

    Assuming the insurance cost between a motorized vehicle RV compared to a travel trailer would be quite different considering one has to be towed?

    I realize these are amateur questions but I appreciate the help & feedback from you guys thus far on all my threads/posts!

    Happy New Years! Jim

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    As far as insurance goes.......DIRT CHEAP! I believe I pay $230.00 for the entire year for full coverage on a 97 34' class A. My insurance company told me it's so inexpensive because motorhomes are so rarely used by most. Registration is about the same as a normal vehicle and a regular drivers license is all you'll need to operate it. Good luck on your quest and don't for get to winterize it! We'll be expecting that question later


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    try national interstate insurance. even when based in other states, any company should cover alaska.


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