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Thread: Hunting Rifle Scopes

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    Default Hunting Rifle Scopes

    Hey everyone, I dont know very much about rifle scopes, but I was wandering if someone could give me some tips on what to look for when choosing an alaska hunting rifle scope.

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    It's hard to beat a Leupold. I've never had one fail, but it is nice to have their warranty to back it up. The only problem I have ever had was "operator error" when I used the wrong bases. They are very good quality, reasonably priced and have any option you might want. The last one I bought was the 3x9 Ultralight and I like it a lot on the 257 Wby UL rifle.

    PS: I like the variables with Duplex reticles as they are versatile and easy to use in most situations. The fixed power is good and I've used several, but just a personal preference. Have fun looking at all the options and makes.

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    It is hard to beat a Zeiss, it has all of the same attributes as the leupold except that after you look through the zeiss you will realize that the leupold doesn't actually have those attributes.

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    Blackhawk... not a lot of information to base a selection on in your post.

    But for a general purpose hunting rifle scope I think a fixed 4x is tough to beat in many respects and effective on a wide range of game and terrain. In a variable, something in a 3-9x is good as well. I tend to avoid high powered scopes as they don't really help with shooting chores much as well as "cheap" scopes which seem like an invitation to disaster.

    Zeiss, Leupold, Burris and several others make a very good scope at a reasonable cost.

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    Leupold, Zeiss are great scopes but also look at Nikon. Sportsman warehouse has a mount that will hold all three so you can compare them. Then you can decide on what your wallet can afford and what warrany suites your needs. I have had great luck with the Nikon and other people have great sucess with Leupold and zeiss.

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    A variable scope like a 2-7 or 3-9x40 will give you flexibility under different hunting situations. Most will also fall in the 10-15 oz range so they won't weigh down your rifle. Larger variable scopes or 50mm scopes are also available but can add considerable weight with usually little payoff.

    When you're looking at scopes make sure the variable power adjustment ring turns smoothy and isn't overly stiff. Make sure you focus each scope to your eye while comparing. A good scope will provide a clear picture all the way out to the edges and remain clear through all power settings. Look for good eye relief if placing on a high power rifle and a scope that has constant eye relief is also a positive.

    Nearly all the major scope makers offer lifetime warranties and do a good job and supporting their customers. This used to be Leupolds key selling point but anymore you can get better glass for less money with the same warranty. There's lots of good scopes on the market so you shouldn't haved any problems finding something in your price range.


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