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    my family and I will be back on the Klutina last two weeks of July 2011. If the red fishing is slow we may head to tangle lakes. fished there about 8 years ago. just fished the first lake from the bank at the creek. used small spinners with some success. wondering if we should rent canoes and go to the other lakes? if anyone has any suggestions on which lakes and about fly fishing I would appreciate it. thanks

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    Any of the lake inlets is a good place to start.
    I'd definetaly rent a canoe - Tangle Lakes is a really neat place to explore, even if the fish aren't biting. Take some dry flys & nymphs - I'm partail to EH caddis (dry) & bead head gold ribbed hares ear (nymph). Watch for rises anywhere as you paddle. If paddling SLOWLY, troll a nymph or small streamer. Grayling typically cruise the lakes in schools and could be anywhere.

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    Hi My family can usually catch a grayling at least every 4 minutes by fishing the tangle river either right under the bridge or further down.Try using any fly that has a gold bead as a head and you will slay them...Its like catnip for
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