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Thread: Christmas Bear Tamales!

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    Default Christmas Bear Tamales!

    My wife and I have been making tamales since we lived in TX. About 12 years ago I started making venison tamales instead of pork and they always turned out great. Last batch I made was yrs ago with a button buck I shot new years eve (last day) on Montague isl.
    Since then I've been making them with caribou. This year we made another batch of caribou tamales and I found a package of bear stew meat in the freezer from 2 years ago. I decided to cook it up and season it up and substitute the pork/venison/caribou with bear since bears are really close to swine family anyways. Man, it was great. I took some to work and gave em to the guys and then told em it wan't pork but bear and they were amazed. I'm not a huge fan of bear, I either have to corn it, crock it with Lipton cup of soup or make sausage, but now that I found out how it is in tamales, man I can't wait till baiting season. Give it a try, they're awesome.
    Hapy Holidays. Billy Jack

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    Sounds excellent!! We made moose tamales before, and have made the more traditional varieties, including pork and chicken. And tamales are traditional Christmas chow over the holidays, south of the border. Good stuff.


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