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    my uncle just sold me his older Fenwick HMG. yet, i am having a hard time finding out any info on it, other than it is a 9' 8 wt. has anybody had one or know anything about it?

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    It's more or less their "second generation" of graphite, following their initial release of graphite that kicked over the apple cart way back when. The first graphite was prone to breakage, so HMG has a little thicker walls to counter that. It's "old technology" by today's standards, kind of a precursor to IM6. It's still very good stuff, but some of the tapers are a little funky. You happen to have a good one in your 9' 8-weight. I've got a couple of 12-weights that are close to useless (broomstick butts and soft tips), but all of them from 5-weight through roughly 9-weight are still very credible and useful rods today. Action is slower than the real high modulus rods of today, but that can be a plus. I like a shorter, more aggressive head on the WF lines I use with all of mine. Cheapest and best for most uses is the Sci Angler Head Start. For bigger rods and longer casts you might look into spending more buxx for a Rio Short Outbound.


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