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Thread: Kiss of "Death" (Maybe)

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    Default Kiss of "Death" (Maybe)

    Recently read Harry Dodge's "Kodiak Island And Its Bears". Truly a classic from every stand point. Well written; factual; informative and an insight on guiding on the history of guiding on Kodiak Island (and other parts of the State) that authors past and present can look to for inspiration as to how objective writing is accomplished.
    The book is available from this forum
    (I really enjoyed the book)

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    I vote in the affirmative...

    I've read this book twice, before two of my Kodiak hunts. It is an excellent source of information, and provides great insight into the historical aspects of the Kodiak bear. Much can be gained by the intellectually curious hunter from reading this book.

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    Default Great Writer There

    Make it three for the affirmative, he's got a few others out there also...

    I was out in Uyak Bay this summer, waiting on weather, bored to tears,
    so up at the general store at the cannery, staring at the tiny bookshelf,
    in the "Local Authors Section"
    I found this one mentioned above and another, "Kodiak Tales, stories of adventure on Alaska's Emerald Isle"

    Seems there was another also ?? He's a really good writer also, with "the real stuff" stories to write about,

    Don't miss that guys books

    PS Mods, any idea why L****n Bay is not coming thru but getting asterisked ??
    that's Lursen with an "a" instead of a "u"
    (had to use Uyak instead ??)
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    I guess someone decided that they didn't want us saying **** ummmm.... ar$e..... funny they killed that but ass is just fine...

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    Good book and worth a re-read through winter
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