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Thread: Jet boats in New Zealand

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    Default Jet boats in New Zealand

    So, just got back from 2 months in New Zealand. Ended up using a jet boat tour company as a shuttle on one of the hikes we did. They used a boat by a comapny called JetSeeker
    Wow! What an amazing boat. Had a 6.0 with a 212 pump. I could not believe how well it handled, and how well it did in the shallows. Especially for a big boat.
    At one point, we were ripping down stream approaching a wide bar which fanned the river right out (the river was very low due to drought conditions), and I thought "right, we are just going to grind our way rightover this". But no, we just skimmed right over. There is no way I would have taken my old Alaskan over it, and that Alaskan ran skinny.
    Never touched once, and this was going downstream.
    Lots of great boats in the world, but man, those Kiwis KNOW jet boats.
    BTW, they wouldn't let me drive it Something about liability.......
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    What does everyone say? "This is worhtless without pictures!!"

    Sounds like a fun time was had by all.

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    Hit the link in the first post, lots of pics from the tour boat site!

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    I so wanted to do one of those Jet Boat rides when I was down there, but we ran out of time. Those things are insane!


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