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Thread: How to burn spruce/southern pine ?

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    Default How to burn spruce/southern pine ?

    I have always burned well seasoned oak, hickory, or maple.
    A neighbor just brought me a pickup load of spruce/pine.

    I have heard that pine will cresote & cause build up in the chiminy.

    I have a new, one month old, Princess Ultra Cat wood stove.

    Does pine burn dirtyer than the hardwoods? What is the best way to burn it?
    Season it a year more, mix it with oak, burn it without mixing?

    I lived in Chugiak in the 50's, & Moose Pass in the early 60's. Now in S.C.
    Brother & sister now live in Wasilla.

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    Don't have any experience with Pine but work with Sitka Spruce almost exclusively on Kodiak

    I'd say, if you can mix it with some hard wood like Oak, or Birch, definitely do it,
    the Spruce we have burns faster and is a quite a bit more apt to load up your stack with creosote than the Birch I was used to from up north.

    Definitely season it for a year, makes a Huge Difference, and if you can mix it to have a hotter fire, do so

    What do you have in Wasilla to mix with? Imagine Birch, where did you get Oak ?
    Oh, I get it you're in SC. consider yourself fortunate, mix with Hardwood, should work well

    I DREAM of getting a cord or two of Birch again, so easy to get up north......
    Awww, the good old days of Birchwood in the stove, Hot Long Lasting Fire
    Ten Hours in that little raft off the AK peninsula, blowin' NW 60, in November.... "the Power of Life and Death is in the Tongue," and Yes, God is Good !

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    Pine burns much dirtier than the hardwoods, but if you let it dry real well and don't damper the stove down you will be fine. Hard wood has a much higher BTU than pine does and has much less moisture in it than pine as well.
    The Spruce does have a higher BTU than the pine and is a bit better to burn also.
    The big key is let it burn and stay away from the pitchy pine and yes mix it with the hardwood when you do burn it.
    Good luck

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