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Thread: Drawing in the presence of game...and Lon Lauber's excellent book...

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    Default Drawing in the presence of game...and Lon Lauber's excellent book...

    Drawing in the presence of game...a great point:
    "The one aspect - holding and drawing a bow in the presence of nearby game - is what sets bowhunting apart from all other disciplines of hunting. If drawing the bow causes excess movement, you are shooting too much draw weight".

    Wonder what others think of this book. Some might say advice is worth what you pay for it. But for all the trouble that goes into any field shot opportunity especially in Alaska, and especially bowhunting, this point makes sense to me and puts a new light on what's important in drawing your bow. Lauber has broken the draw down and like the rest of his book, offers practical, mechanical reasons for the way he and other accomplished bowhunters/archers do things.

    I visited the pro shop at PSE's Tucson factory a couple years ago. On the indoor range there, I noticed a guy gyrating the bow from an overhead position to the shooting position to get it drawn. Of course, Lauber begins by allowing that any method can work, the important thing is consistency. But "Slowly Draw Bow" is one of the many crystal clear points Lon Lauber makes in his excellent book, Bowhunter's Guide to Accurate Shooting. I have found quite a bit in this book worth pondering especially for winter practice.

    At Christmas time, it wouldn't be a bad gift idea either, IMO a book worth owning if you know a bowhunter or archer who doesn't yet have a copy. Not in the Forums store - yet - , but Amazon's got some used (

    Good luck.

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    I agree completely 6X. Whether shooting Trad or compound, being able to draw smoothly straight back to anchor with the bow out front is vitally important. Speed is wonderful but fluid accuracy is final. As an example all my recurves are between 53#-55# at my 28.5" draw length and I use arrows of 500-530 grains with a 2 blade Magnus. I get speed in the mid 180's with these set ups and usually shoot completely through deer at 20 yards...


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