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Thread: Bow Hunting - bought a bow

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    Default Bow Hunting - bought a bow

    OK after years of wanting to get into Bow hunting I purchased an early Christmas gift for myself at Cabelas. Nothing special but a 70lb Bear combo, was right at $500 but had one of the $100 off $500 or more coupons that Cabelas manages to fit in my mail box along side the bulk of weekly catalogs.

    My last shot animal (a doe) with a bow was in 1988 and besides a few shots from a friends bow about 10 year back I have not messed with the. Wow the bows seem to have evolved a bit, does not seem like the bow that I had growing up. Anxious to get out and put in some target time and the necessary class for Alaska bow hunting gig.

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    Good luck with your new bow. I hope you can practice a lot with your bow to get ready for next year's bow seasons.

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    Full Curl Archery in south Anchorage is starting the sign-up for winter leagues (both 20 yard indoor and their video Tech-no Hunt shoot). I plan to do the Tech-no hunt league, if time permits. Ever thought about joining a league? It may be just what the doctor ordered!
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    practice practice practice

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    good price and 70lb sufficient,I still chase a few arrows from misses but plenty of practice and it is a fun way to hunt,beats buyng boxes of ammo and cuts out the oiling and cleanng.

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    Good luck, bowhunting is a serious addiction! I love it.

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    There is no cure, but a lot of hunting and shooting help relieve the symptoms!
    I think the one thing I notice about newer archery gear is how close the pins are now and YA CAN'T SEE THE CARBON ARROWS IN FLIGHT! Zippppp!
    Have fun..
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