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Thread: E3 Spark Plugs

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    Default E3 Spark Plugs

    I was curious if anyone has had problems using these new plugs? I have had two just up and quit working for me this winter and the last one was this weekend in my ice auger while I was out ice fishing a new lake. It would not have been so bad but we flew about 35 minutes from Eagle River to get to the lake! Luckily, I had several holes drilled; but I was in the process of trying to find deeper water so I was limited to the first 2 dozen holes I drilled. We still managed to catch 5 northerns.

    I got home, threw the plug from chain saw in it and it fired right up!

    Obviously, in hindsight, I went out and purchased 2 new champions to carry in my pack to avoid this sitution if it should ever happen again. The E3 is in the garbage where it belongs and I'll never buy another on of them. It had only been in the auger for about 3 weeks.

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    Sorry to hear that francko,you mean you didn't bring the trusty old HAND auger for back up,LOL?I have never run the E3 plug,just the standard CP8(I think thats the one).Any size to your fish?


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