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    I have had people offer before, but thought I'd put this out there for everyone so i can maybe get some help.

    I have a new pup coming Dec 28th, and as far as I know, all is well, BUT I am seeing restrictions on the airlines' sites about temperature and holiday dates, so I am just trying to find a backup plan in case it falls through so I don't have to wait a lot longer.

    If anyone knows someone traveling from Billings, MT or just through there heading to Anchorage around the 28th and thinks they would be willing to allow the pup on with them, please let me know. I would pay them $50 for the allowance as well as handle everything as far as fees and arrangements for the pup. Thanks.

    I know it is a long shot but hey, you gotta try, right? LOL

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    I know some folks who have family in Montana...I will ask around.

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    Thanks. i appreciate it!

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    If you did not find anything then try advertising on C-list and Ak List. I did the same thing and got my new pup escorted from Twin Cities. Way cheaper, and the dog is assured of traveling regardless of wx.

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    You could also try air freighting the dog. Alaska Air ships dogs all the time (Iditarod, Quest etc), the shipper has to be known. But it might be worth a look.
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