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Thread: Looking for 6' wide trail groomer

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    Default Looking for 6' wide trail groomer

    We are a sled dog club in the Valley looking for a trail drag. We would like to get one this season, and Yellowstone Track won't be able to have one shipped until a later date.
    Anyone know of a used or new groomer for sale in AK? We are looking for a typical multi-blade compaction drag such as the Yellowstone or Lacrosse. Thanks in advance. Greg.

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    Default Willow Iron Works!!!!

    There is a guy here in Willow that make custom drags of the Yellowstone type. He is called Willow Iron Works. His name is Bob and tell him Trail Boss sent you. 495 1201
    It takes him about 2 weeks or less to put one together. The price is about the same but no shipping. These are built a little heavy duty as I help him from all the Yellowstones type that I hve broke and bent up over the years. He just lives up the street from me. I don't know what you are towing with but 6 foot wide is is huge! Even with a UTV on tracks the biggest has been 5'5" x 10'. Standards are 4'6" x 8 for most snowmachines.
    If you need more info you can also get a hold of me!
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