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Thread: success rates?

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    Default success rates?

    this is my first year trapping. i was just wandering what some of the common seccess rates are for certain animals. also, how many sets do you guys run on your lines? how many dose it take to be affective?

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    Joe, my first line is about 25 sets, and it yields a critter about every 3 days. YMMV.
    This cold isn't helping me. I want some snow and some warmer temps.

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    This is my first year seriously trapping in Alaska.. Did it plenty as a kid while growing up in MN, all legholds and conibears growing up.. This year I started to use snares and have managed 6 fox in the past 2 weeks.. Also had 2 others stolen from my sets.. Just stick with it.. find good sign and be patient.. If your trapping canines, Scent control is the key.. if you make a sloppy set, you may catch a retarded one.. but highly unlikely.. I preffer the colder temps.. the animals move more to get food, which gives them the energy to survive.. and with snares.. a few weeks ago with all the wind, warm temps, then snow, freeze, thaw, freeze.. It was killing me.. a majority of my snares were froze in the ice and the animals literally walked right through them.. since the temps have stayed cold.. BAM.. I get one almost every day..


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