Most who go out into the Prince Williams Sound know there are Cabins for rent both National Forest Service and State of Alaska. The FS web site is,, these are very nice public use cabins and knowing where they are could be used in an emergancy.
More and more these have turned to commercial use cabins as the water taxis use them as there own either renting them themselfs or marketing them to people who want to come up here. Which would make them the best advertisment for there use. But if one company is the only one getting use of them in general, then it's really a commercial cabin.
It's very hard to rent them even using the 180 days in advance, which is Aug 16th as of today (2/19/07)
Any one who has tryed to use these only to find it's rented may want to think about writing the Forest Service. They need the public input to either get funding for new cabins or fix this problem.
They know there is a problem and are looking at this issue, there office is down town Anchorage or email
Yes I know they are popular cabins and should rent but a key would be it's rented and no one using it, tells me that the commercial company didn't rent it out more than some one didn't show up!
They are going to install some new camp sites (non-cabin) units but again need help getting funding.