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Thread: Deska Landing Trails Report 12/16/10

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    Default Deska Landing Trails Report 12/16/10

    Trails Report
    Please make good decisions based off of your experience and knowledge. Conditions change by the minutes and hours, so please use this information as another resource to help you plan your outing safely. Your safety is ultimately your responsibility. This information is for recreational use. This report should not be used to substitute for your own knowledge and decision making ability. The DLOA LLC and those submitting the information will not be held responsible for any losses, damage, or personal injury that may occur while using this information.



    Reported By:

    Gary L. and Ted K.
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    On Wednesday we had a high of 12 F, Low as -5 F. Thursday we had -10 F at 9:00 am with a slight breeze, but no gusting.

    Snow Depth At Landing Parking Lot:

    No new snow since last Friday.

    Trail Conditions:

    The trail is hard with some places having some glare ice. The monster winds blew a alot of snow around, but the trail mostly stayed in tact. There is some drifting on the Yentna of 6-8 inches in places. Some of the stakes on the Yentna that were put out have fallen over, but the trail has been groomed showing the way in most places. Larry H. has started some grooming down the Susitna and some staking, however the lack of snow makes it impossible to put stakes up and groom effectively. There were many people out last weekend and some snowmachiners have started to pull some lighter sleds now that the trails have hardened up.

    Lodge Reports:

    Alaska Backcountry Tours-

    McDougall Lodge-

    Talvista Lodge-

    Other Comments:

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    Thanks for the update.


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