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Thread: Is Hope area get hit with the winds?

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    Default Is Hope area get hit with the winds?

    Hey AGL4now (or anyone else who has been in the Hope are recently) you have any idea of snow conditions in Hope? Is the wind plastering that area the same as it seems to be reported everywhere else? Has the Hope area had much snow so far this year?


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    I am about 9 miles out of Hope in massive city of Sunrise, Alaska and we have about 12" of very dried out sugary snow. We not only do not have any winds this week, we don't even have a breeze, about +9* above. Population of Sunrise, Alaska has dropped from 15 down to now 12 humans, 14 Attack Geese, 4 dogs, no known cats, one gray wolf, a million martin.

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    Thank you for the report. Sounds like you guys need a little more snow before people get too playful out there with their sleds.

    I'll make sure I'm careful the next time I'm out your way...don't want to get on the bad side of those Attack Geese.


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