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Thread: Shout out for Bob Hunter and his Volunteer staff.. .. Hunters ED fairbanks

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    Default Shout out for Bob Hunter and his Volunteer staff.. .. Hunters ED fairbanks

    Well the staff outdid them selves AGAIN.. the missus with 4 kids 9-14 and a group of kids we sponsored 10-15 all safe and through hunters ed.. my 9 yr old to this day had yet to shoot a gun.. her small size and frame was making it hard to get her able... but she has one coming this December 25 in the form of a TC youth 22.

    the staff at Fairbanks Hunters ed.. is fabulous.. they take the time for kids even though the course is NOT made for them..

    all the kids PASSEd... solely due to staff support..

    thanks Bob and all the volunteers..

    Vince, Kim kids.
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    Default Hip Hip Hooray

    I'll second that. Heck, I used to be one myself. But there are some guys there that have become the rock and foundation of hunter ed in Fairbanks. Bob works hard, no question. But the volunteers are what makes the program go. Normally the range guy is pretty skookum too. Have not been out there for a while so not sure who it is now.
    Glad the kids had a good time and were supported throughout their endeavor.


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