Well it is winter and most of us are planing our next trip. How do you stand as far as prep..IE is plane reserved, weight figured out,etc. Just curious where everyone is going and why.

My plans are this ...
Wood river for moose
plane down payment paid
going in on the 9 of sept
landing at kansas creek
take out at nenana and drive home
10 days
total cost for 2 hunters is under 2000
I am excited and just curious to see other trips and costs and maybe to learn new trips. Not looking for secret spots just to see if I am on the right track and if people go to new spots or there same old. I did the sheenjek last time and had a great time but this year cost for a plane was more of a factor which is why I am doing a road pull out. Good luck to all and safe floating. p.s. if you have done this trip and have any advice pm me.