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Thread: NEW Victory Diascope?

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    Default NEW Victory Diascope?

    OK, I have been drooling over online pictures of this scope for months. There are a ton of cool features and frankly I am about 85% positive that I WANT ONE! That said I have not heard anything about them beyond this sweet advert...

    Yeah I know it is a big ole picture but I have a hard time shrinking that much awesomeness down!! The NEW scope has a 15-56X vario which is more than the previous Zeiss 65mm eyepiece that topped out at 45X. Instead of having a course and fine focus it now has a 2 stage focus (sweet!). It is very close to the Swaro in many respects coming in just 3oz heavier than the ATM (swaro's lightest body) but that is with a rubberized body on the zeiss! So does anyone actually have one of these or at least played with one?

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    I have the older diascope in the 65FL , its the straight, not the angled, but I really like these new ones....are you thinking about going with the angled version? .....I think I would if I were to buy the new one has them yet in Anchorage, Mountain view said they were supposed to get some. I would like to see one physically and actually get a feel on one.....They do look pretty sweet.


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