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    Anyone else using them?

    I used a Navy Arms SxS 12 gauge almost exclusively for snowshoe hare, ptarmigan and ducks from the late 70's up until we had to switch to steel shot. Like a fool, I let it go before bismuth shot came along.

    Two years ago I started using shot loads in a Brown Bess (75 cal or 11 gauge) for snowshoes, and this year added a 62 cal (20 gauge). That seriously re-hooked me!!!

    With ITX/NiceShot available and even bismuth from some sources, I replaced my old NA SxS with another and will be getting serious about waterfowl with it, and of course snowshoes and ptarmigan.

    Anyone else using ITX or bismuth? How's it working for you? ITX is spendy at $130/7 pounds, but on a per shot basis is actually no more expensive than premium waterfowl shotshells. I doubt I'll go through 7 pounds a year, but hope springs eternal!

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    Wish I could provide some feedback but................still waiting for my 20ga fowler kit.
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    we will have to go out hunting together sometime with our ML shotguns. I have been looking for an excuse to use it again! I have an over energetic springer itching to bring back some ptarmigan.

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    You're on! I almost never ptarmigan hunt was the snow socks in the high country, but I'm heck on them till that happens. Now it's bunny sorting season, and I surely miss our beagles! And you certainly wouldn't want to give your springer that habit! My 12 and the ITX may arrive in time to squeeze in a little duck hunting. That's a possibility too.

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    I use to have a Pedersoli SxS 12 gauge but sold it to rimfirematt a couple years ago. Never used it up here but did chase pheasants and turkey with it in South Dakota. I don't bird hunt in AK like I did in SD but I'm sure I'll get another muzzleloader shotgun if I end up in pheasant country again one day.

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    Man.... Pheasants! I get to hunt them lots some years, but I've been in a draught for three years running. Gotta fix that, and with the ML! Did your Pedersoli have chokes?

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    Yep, had chokes (full, mod, improved) and steel-lined barrels. Really was a nice set-up for hunting a variety of feathered critters with black powder. My biggest gripe was I had to remove the full choke to load the cardboard cushion wad when loading up for turkey. That was a very minor gripe given I usually only loaded 1x/day for turkey. Late season pheasants in a cattail slough on a cold December day, the sudden explosion of a long tail rooster, and a cloud of black powder smoke and feathers drifting in the wind after the shot. Ahhh, I sure miss it!

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    Wow! Now you have me going!

    The Navy Arms double I'm picking up is cylinder bore just like the one I used to own. Best I could manage with load development was around IC at 30-35 yards, but that was plenty tight for ducks over decoys. Better for a mediocre shot like me actually than tighter chokes! If I got into turkeys with it, then I'd certainly have to do something different. I'm looking into traditional jug choking, but it's a long step between learning more and me actually trying to do it!


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