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    I just watched the verminators video a couple weeks ago. It was awesome. Lots of good video footage of coyote kills. There was two different guys in the video that were doing most of the calling. Randy Anderson and Rick Pailleet. I noticed one of them was using mainly rabbit in distress calls, and the other was using coyote howls. I was wondering if anybody up here has had success using coyote howls. It sounds like mostly everybody on here uses mainly rabbit in distress calls. Is this mainly to attract other critters like fox and lynx too, or is it just more effective to use a wounded rabbit call over a coyote howl?

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    well i know for a fact that it dosnt hurt to use coyote howls. earlier this year i was calling and called in a lynx,(before lynx season of course.)and on that stand i made many coyote howls. i was surprised that the lynx didnt spook when he heard the coyote calls. other than that, that is the only critter i have called in while howling. then again it was the only time ive ever tried it.

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    I regularly chat back and forth with coyotes using various coyote calls. This is especially effective just before and during breeding season when prey calls become less important.

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    In prior years, I didn't have much success with coyote vocals. This season however, I've changed up my sounds a bit and have called in two with a mixture of coyote vocals and rabbit distress sounds.

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    Cool. Thanks for the advice guys.


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