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    Question Ammo

    Did I read on some post that it was legal to put ammo (if properly boxed) in gun case with rifle, or was my beady little eyes just lying to me again?

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    Talking OOPs

    I guess I should have mentioned as baggage on airplane.

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    yes, you can do it. ammo can't be loose, though. needs to be in its own packaging. check with the airline to find out for sure, though. most airlines will explain it on their websites under the "special baggage" section, or firearms section.

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    Everytime I travel with a firearm some of the ammo is in the hard case with the firearm and some goes in with the clothing. Never know when your clothing may or may not show up. Hell you never know if your firearm will show up. Better take 2 firearms. :-)

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    i like to separate my ammo , so that there is some in each bag. in case some bags make it and others don't i will still have some ammo.

    assuming my rifle makes it.....if
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