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    I was just wondering what anyone knew about vortex. i have been seeing them pop up all over the place and a guy at sportsmans wearhouse was telling me that the razor hd is real comparable to swarovski.

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    I'm quite happy with my Vortex spotter and binos...buddy had an accident with his spotter and broke it....had to use the warranty and said the replacement was handled well...
    pull my finger....

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    I have a hard time putting Vortex in the same class as Swarovski, Zeiss, or Leica but they do make great mid priced binoculars that are a huge step up and are all most users will ever need. Minox and Vortex have pretty much taken over the mid priced bino segment followed by Zen-Ray which is arguably the value leader in optics right now from a number of sources I have read. I have not tried the ZenRay's yet but have put Leupold up against the Minox and Vortex glass and found both Minox and Vortex top shelf stuff better than the Gold Ring binos in pretty much every category. There used to be a bunch of talk about the Nikon Monarch bino's as being the value leader but they seem to have fallen off both in quality and market share over the last couple years.

    To me it is all about fit and feel within your price range, I like Minox myself and love mine. You may find that the Vortex fit you better. I know I would rather have Vortex today and be using them than to use tasco for 3 years while I saved up the money for some top shelf stuff.

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    I really like my vortex vipers. I spent allot of time sifting through the reviews, trying pairs out as best I could and I think I made the right decision. From the limited testing I was able to do, I couldnt tell a 1000 dollar difference between them and some swaro's. Maybe way up in the mountains you could.

    Fit wise they were the best for me. I think the next pair that was in the running was a pair of leupolds. But in the end I chose the vortex for the warranty and a hint better glass. I believe the leupolds were about 100 cheaper.


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